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Manhattan Place Statements

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

As professional educators, the staff of Manhattan Place Elementary believe a high quality educational experience is the foundation of our commitment to social justice, and that an excellent education is a civil right. Students will embark on a pathway toward college eligibility by formulating a career trajectory based on proficiency in core academic areas, understanding and articulating the interconnected historical, social, cultural, economic, and political factors that have shaped local, national, and global communities, and cultural sensitivity and tolerance of diversity.The Manhattan Place Elementary stakeholders will build a community where students will be able to:


  •  Problem solve in inquiry-based groups, collaboratively answer meaningful questions, and respond to challenging situations and scenarios.
  • Think and write critically by channeling innate curiosities into deeper level investigations and explanations. 
  • Communicate clearly by citing academic evidence in order to persuade and defend their reasoning, assertions, and ideas.
  • Be resilient, independent thinkers who own their learning and take responsibility for their success.
  • Analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and create to reflect on their own learning by understanding alternative ideas, and know when and how to revise and refine beliefs and knowledge based upon new evidence.