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School is CLOSED on Thursday, September 21st., September 22nd..."We Love Manhattan Place Elementary School"


As professional educators, the staff of Manhattan Place Elementary believe a high quality educational experience is the foundation of our commitment to social justice, and that an excellent education is a civil right. Students will embark on a pathway toward college eligibility by formulating a career trajectory based on proficiency in core academic areas, understanding and articulating the interconnected historical, social, cultural, economic, and political factors that have shaped local, national, and global communities, and cultural sensitivity and tolerance of diversity.The Manhattan Place Elementary stakeholders will build a community where students will be able to:


  •  Problem solve in inquiry-based groups, collaboratively answer meaningful questions, and respond to challenging situations and scenarios.
  • Think and write critically by channeling innate curiosities into deeper level investigations and explanations. 
  • Communicate clearly by citing academic evidence in order to persuade and defend their reasoning, assertions, and ideas.
  • Be resilient, independent thinkers who own their learning and take responsibility for their success.
  • Analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and create to reflect on their own learning by understanding alternative ideas, and know when and how to revise and refine beliefs and knowledge based upon new evidence. 

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The Manhattan Place Elementary administrators, teachers, parents, staff members, and community members are a team dedicated to setting positive examples and providing a safe nurturing environment to prepare the students of Manhattan Place Elementary School to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive members of a diverse global society. Through the implementation of a well developed and cohesive instructional program, where all students meet or exceed grade level standards while building character, pride, and a sense of ownership.


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Today: 9/24/17

Manhattan Elementary Goals for 2017-18

Goal One 

The Common Core State Standards call for students to read, write, and speak grounded in evidence, construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, and engage in argument from evidence.  To achieve this, Manhattan Place Elementary will provide an environment conducive to communal learning in order to increase student engagement and opportunities for student talk in core content areas.  Manhattan Place staff will utilize constructive conversational skills/ strategies and culturally relevant curriculum and instructional strategies that facilitate the acquisition of standard and academic English in classroom environments that validate, value, and build upon the language and culture of the students.


Goal Two


Project Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional approach where students learn by solving challenging, open-ended problems. The problems are authentic tasks and are solved in socially and contextually based teams of students.In the 21st century workplace and in college, success requires more than basic knowledge and skills. In a project, students learn how to take initiative and responsibility, build their confidence, solve problems, work in teams, communicate ideas, and manage themselves more effectively.  There will be two projects at each grade level that will incorporate technology and Depth of Knowledge questions to increase rigor. 


Goal Three


Student and staff attendance-Our goal is for all students and staff to have 96% or better attendance (7 or fewer absences for the entire school year).  Student attendance and student achievement are closely connected. Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially.  A positive school environment, conducive to regular daily attendance and learning will result in increased attendance and improved academic achievement. Parents, staff, community, and school leadership are vital in supporting all students to graduate. This school year, we will have classroom  and individual attendance incentives such as certificates and class prizes.  0 Absences + 0 Tardies + 0 Early Pick ups = Perfect Attendance. Will your child meet the attendance challenge?